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Posted Wed, July 23rd 2014 / Latest News / No comments

Aussie made for Aussie conditions, this brand new, technologically advanced, wall mounted product offers the unique capability to identify the user e.g. via keypad, iButton (pictured above), swipe or proximity card, and then electronically monitor and auto transmit breath test results via email.

AlcoMeasure - LIVE features include:

- Internally stored database of staff/contractors
- Individual ID number entered via your existing or supplied keypad, swipe card, iButton, etc reader
- BAC results recorded,with each individuals ID
- Auto generated email for BAC results over your site limit and an auto generated email of weekly or daily data log (all breath tests)
- Constant internet connection required or wireless internet option via mobile router is available (for remote sites)
- A valid email account on a SMTP server is required.
- We will try to match your existing swipe card/biometric/keypad reader methodology. Please contact our friendly staff for more information.

Exclusive to Breathalyser Sales & Service: breathalyser.com.au or phone 300 999 200 Australia Wide.


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