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Breathing New Life Into Site Safety

Posted Mon, October 2nd 2017 / Breathalyser Blog, Latest News / No comments

Breathing New Life Into Site Safety

Pegasus has paired with Breathalyser Sales & Service Pty Ltd to deliver the fastest wall mounted breathalyser unit on the market in Australia.

Time is money when it comes down to getting contractors and staff on site to start work. Breath testing units have, in the past, been the source of a bottleneck for getting everyone to start work, which is why Pegasus is pleased to be able to offer the brand new AlcoMeasure WM breathalyser as the latest solution for helping to ensure site safety.

AlcoMeasure WM wall mounted breathalysers are Australian-made by the country’s most experienced manufacturer of breathalysers: All-Systems Electronics.

It delivers unbelievably fast testings times of seven (7) seconds when a 0.000 pass is recorded. This ensures much faster daily testing regimes when interfaced with log in and employee/contractor management systems, such as our award-winning Onsite Track Easy software.

Encased in high grade steel, heavy duty components and powder coated for rust resistance, the AlcoMeasure WM is suited to all applications including heavy industry. All units are also fitted with high quality dust seals to promote longevity resulting in a leading warranty program of two (2) years on all parts.

By linking an AlcoMeasure WM unit with Onsite Track Easy, breath alcohol screening is quick and automated. Results are stored in the Onsite database and alerts are sent to supervisors and managers should an employee or contractor fail screening.

Calibration is also automated every 24 hours to provide extremely high accuracy and low service costs. Breathalyser Sales & Service recommend a minimum annual service to ensure proper operation and accuracy of each machine.

For full product details go to: http://breathalyser.com.au/products/category/wall-mounted-breathalysers

More information about Pegasus and Onsite Track Easy go to: http://pegasus.net.au/


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