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Warning: Pre-Calibrated Module Concerns

Posted Tue, January 2nd 2018 / Breathalyser Blog, Latest News / No comments

Warning: Pre-Calibrated Module Concerns

Breathalyser Sales & Service and the manufacturer of the AlcoQuant 6020 plus breathalyser, Honeywell, do not offer any products with the industry described “replaceable pre-calibrated module system” or "self-replaceable sensor technology" for the following reasons:

  • Is it working? - The calibration agent/technician may be unable to determine if the section of the device that remains on site is operating to AS3547 accuracy requirements or if in fact, it is operating at all. 
  • How do I check the rest of it? - Hardware, software, power, and fuel cell connectivity should be checked to properly calibrate any breath alcohol testing device. This may not be achieved correctly with devices that operate using a replaceable pre-calibrated module system or self-replaceable sensor as the service agent will not physically have the components to check.
  • Is it Legal? - Traceability may be a serious concern when modules are mixed up and not replaced into the correct devices. Failure to correctly trace modules with devices may lead to legal issues at court should calibration and accuracy of a device be questioned.
  • Who is liable? - Liability for the accuracy of the device may be transfered from the calibration agent to you, the consumer, as it may be claimed that "the replaceable pre-calibrated module system or self-replaceable sensor was operating fine when it left us and went to site". 

Therefore, be careful before choosing a device with a pre-calibrated module as it may not suit your workplace auditing and QA requirements.


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