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How Drink Driving Affects Your Abilities

Posted Tue, June 23rd 2015 / Breathalyser Blog, Latest News / No comments

How Drink Driving Affects Your Abilities

In case you did not know about the perils of driving under the influence of alcohol, here's a primer:


1. Driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to:

- Alcohol abates the senses, and consequently impairs judgment and dulls reaction time. It diminishes inhibitions and leads one to deem a potentially hazardous situation as safe

- Drink driving can cause accidents that cause severe injuries like broken bones, organ damage, and paralysis. The recovery time for such injuries, if not life threatening, often stretches over a long period

- The most severe consequence is death, and more often than not, the victim(s) is the occupant, cyclist or the pedestrian


2. Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and its effects on driving:

- About 0.020 grams of alcohol per 100ml of blood negatively affects visual functions

- 0.050 g/100ml of blood leads to difficulty in co-ordination, and abated response time

- A BAC level of 0.080 causes lowered concentration, inability to control speed, and debilitated awareness

- At 0.100, a driver's ability to brake is severely affected

- With a BAC level of 0.150, the driver's competence is critically damaged, and affects his/ her ability to pay attention and control the vehicle


3. Legal consequences:

- According to drink driving laws, the permissible limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.050 grams per 100ml of blood for most drivers. The punishment for the drink driving offense comprises imprisonment and/ or a monetary

- The first offense does not necessarily lead to suspension/ cancellation of the driving license, but consequent offenses may lead authorities to cancel one's license

- Recent developments has lead to the recommendations of driving licenses being cancelled upon the first offense, vehicles being impounded and igger fines to be isssued

- Should you drink and drive and kill another person, you can expect a lenthy gaol term 



Source: http://auto.ndtv.com/


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