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Drug Driving Surpasses Drink Driving

Posted Tue, March 24th 2015 / Breathalyser Blog, Latest News / No comments

Drug Driving Surpasses Drink Driving

Margaret Prendergast from the Centre for Road Safety in NSW says in 2013, 16 per cent of road fatalities "involved a driver or a rider with illicit drugs".

Last year in Victoria, 56,000 drivers were drug tested and one in 16 returned a positive result, compared with one in 267 drivers testing positive for alcohol. "Road safety authorities in every state are really worried about drug-driving," Ms Prendergast told the ABC's 7.30 program. "With cannabis you are about 1.3 times more likely to experience a crash. With amphetamines it's six times. With ecstasy it's about 1.6 times."

Sue Parson's 45-year-old husband was one of three people killed by a drug-driver in Victoria. "He (the driver) was an ice addict, he hadn't slept for three days before the accident," she recalled. The driver hit Tony Parsons, who was crossing a busy intersection in suburban Melbourne, then smashed into a car. "We found his body lying on the road, I kept shaking him, 'Honey, talk to me, talk to me'. "He was already dead. Since I lost Tony, nearly every second accident you hear they're on ice."

For the full story: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-23/drug-drivers-exceed-rate-drink-drivers-research/6342102



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