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Mining Industry Breathalyzers

Posted Mon, December 4th 2017 / Breathalyser Blog, Latest News / No comments

Mining Industry Breathalyzers

It is estimated that 5 - 10 percent of workplace deaths, and 10 percent of workplace injuries are due to drug or alcohol and may have been prevented if the subject was tested using a mining industry breathalyzer or drug test kit. These alarming figures are the reason why alcohol and drug related problems cost more than $3.5 billion per year, not to mention the significant lost productivity and absenteeism.

While mining industry breathalyzers and drug testing euqipment test for alcohol or drugs in the human body, mining operators also need to remember the risks of actual effects of the alcohol and drugs on the employees body. When implementing a workplace drug and alcohol policy, miners should tailor it to their own individual site requirements. The policy should identify hazards inherant with the use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace, the risks associated with them, and the control strategies for those risks inlcuding the use of mining industry breathalyzers such as the AlcoQuant 6020 plus or the AlcoMeasure WM.

A mining industry breathalyzer must be Australian Standard AS3547 certified for legal and quality assurance reasons, and it should be regularly calibrated to the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to maintain its accuracy. For the mining industry, fuel cell sensor breathalyzers such as the AlcoQuant 6020 plus are strongly recommended as they are German made precision by the world leader in mining industry breathalyzer technology, Honeywell, and utilise the worlds most ethyl alcohol specific sensor to ensure extremely acurate results. Alternatively, for a fixed type option the Australian made wall mounted breathalyser the AlcoMeasure WM, has been designed and developed specifically as a mining industry breathalyser and offers accuracy, relaibility and faster testing times than any other wall mounted product on the market.

While mining industry breathalysers and drug test kits effectively test for the alcohol or drugs in the body, mining operators also need to manage the risks of the after effects of alcohol and drug use. E.g. a mining employee could present with a hangover after consuming alcohol the day/night previously and may also still have a blood alcohol concentration higher than what is permitted at the workplace. Only a high quality mining industry breathalyzer, such as the AlcoQuant 6020 plus or the AlcoMeasure WM, should be used to manage this risk.

For further information about mining industry breathalysers, please call 1300 999 200 or contact one our of mining industry breathalyzer specialists at one of our sales and service locations around Australia (click here).


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