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Product Warning

Posted Tue, December 11th 2012 / Breathalyser Blog / No comments

Product Warning
  • Beware alcohol breath devices claiming to be Australian Standards AS3547 certified and workplace suitable when they are only certified for monthly calibration, not 6 monthly. Ask the supplier for a copy of the AS3547 Certificate. Do not be caught out with a device that must be calibrated every 30 days in order to obtain a AS3547 certified result.
  • Beware of alcohol breath testing devices claiming to be Australian Standards AS3547 certified, while only reading to 2 decimal places eg 0.05. These products may only be AS3547 certified for their “Pass/Fail” (qualitative) mode function, NOT their decimal place function. This renders these devices unsuitable for the workplace as any 2 decimal place reading will not be considered an AS3547 certified result.


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