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Random Breath Testing

Posted Mon, March 13th 2017 / Breathalyser Blog, Latest News / No comments

Random Breath Testing

In Australia, various state and federal policing agencies conduct random breath testing (RBT) operations of drivers operating motor vehciles. These include motorcycles, cars, turcks, buses, taxis and any other type of vehicle that drives on our roads. Blood alcohol concentration limits vary, as do the penalties for each type of drivers licence holder.

What many people don't realise is that today, random breath testing extends far beyond the police officer and the motorist. Random breath testing in the workplace has become exceedingly more common in "high risk injury" workplaces. These workplaces include places where heavy equipment, machinery, or lots of vehicular movements occur. For example, random breath testing is conducted in industries such as mining, transport, heavy industry, engineering factories, coal handling, iron ore handling, shipping, rail, to name but a few.

Breathalyzers for random breath testing purposes  

What sort of equipment should be used when conduting random breath testing (RBT)? As people's lives and livelihoods at at stake, it is strongly recommended that only high quality, Australian Standard certified breathalyzers are utilised for such purposes. High quality products such as the German made precision breathaliser range, AlcoQuant 6020 plus, are perfect for mobile random breath testing. If a fixed type, wall mounted breathalyser at an access controlled point or front gate is more suitable, the AlcoMeasure WM is perfect option.

At the end of the day, workers go to work to earn money for their families, so only high quality breathalyser products should be used when conducting workplace random breath testing.


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