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“Synthetic Drugs Are Out of Control” - NSW Police

Posted Mon, June 3rd 2013 / / No comments

“Synthetic Drugs Are Out of Control” - NSW Police

It's like cannabis, but its ingredients and health effects are a mystery, and it's currently legal.

So-called "herbal highs" and incense are sold at tobacconists and adult shops around Australia and online, promising their users a completely legal way to get high.

Australian governments are still trying to work out how to control or ban the drugs, but the companies producing them are making too much money to stop. 


The Newcastle Local Area Police Commander has described the use of synthetic drugs in the city as an epidemic.

The State Government is looking to introduce a 90 day interim ban on selling the chemically generated products that mimic illegal drugs like speed.

The Hunter has been described as the 'epicentre' of the drugs' use, that are reportedly causing severe health problems.

Superintendent John Gralton says the drugs are causing real problems as they lead to paranoia and violence.

"It's been an epidemic in Newcastle," he said.

"It's been very problematic.

"We've agitated to assist in this push for legislative change because my cops are putting up with a lot of people who are drug affected by these synthetic drugs.

"They seem to be really heightened.

"They are in heightened levels of arousal and violent and to use the vernacular, they are off their chops."

Superintendant Gralton says it is clear something needs to be done about the increasing use of the drugs, with users often not understanding their serious effects.

"They are confronting people that are not thinking clearly in any way, shape or form," he said.

"So it is frightening for police that are attending these types of incidents and something needs to be done.

"When they are touted as something that is legal I think people get the wrong impression that they are not going to be harmful when it couldn't be further from the truth."


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