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Disposable Single Use Breathalyser

Product Code: 300600

Only AU$4.54+GST

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Key Features

  • Australian Standard AS3547 Certified
  • Fast and Reliable

SPECIAL - Was $5.50, now the low $4.99 each including GST ($4.54 ex GST) Note: Each test has an expiry date to ensure accuracy. Please enquire.

  • Indicates breath alcohol content above or below .05 BAC
  • Screening device that provides a guide to a person's BAC
  • Certified to Australian Standards AS3547
  • Results available in 2 minutes
  • Recalibration not required
  • Please note: Device is certified for accuracy by numerous worldwide certification bodies, including Standards Australia. Note that interpretation of results and acting upon them is entirely at the user’s discretion as this is not a legal evidentiary device
  • Australian Standard AS3547 Certified

  • Fast and Reliable