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Recalibration - AlcoQuant 6020

Product Code: 300105

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  • Recalibration required every 6 mths
  • Unlimited tests
  • Allow 2-3 days turnaround
  • Please note: pricing change for this item from 01/01/2017 to $90.00 + GST

Download Recalibration Request Form (pdf) and send the completed form with breathalyser to us (addresses on the form).


Fast Facts About AlcoQuant 6020 Recalibration

Why Does my AlcoQuant 6020 Need to Be Recalibrated?

Every piece of professional measurement machinery in the world must be regularly recalibrated to ensure that it is giving an accurate reading.

AlcoQuant 6020 breathalyser units are certified with Australian Standard AS3547. This standard requires that a unit that is past its recalibration date cannot be used (in order to prevent inaccurate readings); so any AS3547 unit will cease operating until recalibrated every 6 months.

Can I Recalibrate Earlier Than 6 Months?

Certainly! Our recalibration turnaround for the AlcoQuant 6020 is around 3-4 days including freight delivery time to you. You may wish to recalibrate earlier than 6 months to ensure that there is no unexpected interruption to use of your unit.

Will My AlcoQuant 6020 Start to Become Inaccurate Close to the Recalibration Date?

No. Australian Standards set the recalibration timeframe well within the 'safety period' when Electrochemical fuel cell breathalysers regularly and reliably give fully accurate readings.

Can You Recalibrate Machines Bought Elsewhere?

Yes, at Breathalyser Sales and Service we offer recalibration for Alcolizer, LifeLoc, Alcoscent, Draeger, and EnviteC brands.

Please note that this recalibration service (if you add to cart) is only for HH1 and HH2 Alcolizer models. We also offer recalibration for the Alcolizer EC and LE, and AlcoQuant 6020.

Is Recalibration a Guarantee of Accuracy for AlcoQuant 6020 Units?

Like many alcohol breathalysers, the AlcoQuant 6020 units accurate reading to +/- 10% accuracy. There are many factors which can change the estimated BAC given by an Alcolizer unit, including your breathing pattern, hematocrit (red blood cell count, which will be lower if you have just given blood and is often lower in women), and your body temperature. 

Do Fuel Cell Breathalysers Need to be Recalibrated as Often as Semiconductor Breathalysers?

AlcoQuant 6020 models are all electrochemical fuel cell models, in compliance with AS3547. We do not sell the less-reliable semiconductor breathalyser types, but if you own one of these it is wise to recalibrate more frequently than 6-monthly.