12 Month Calibration Upgrade

12 Month Calibration Upgrade Available in New South Wales

Introducing the new 12 monthly calibration upgrade option from Breathalyser Sales & Service. Designed to simplify the annual calibration process for your hand held and wall mounted breathalysers, our service adds value by boosting your cost savings as well as convenience.

With service centres in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, our expert technicians are ready to offer fast turnaround times. Businesses, law enforcement and individuals looking for the highest levels of accuracy and reliability can enjoy new levels of peace of mind through this new service offering. Contact us to learn more.

Available for Our AlcoQuant Breathalysers

The AlcoQuant 6020 plus range of breathalysers is now certified for a 12 monthly calibration period. Previously, these hand held breathalyser devices had 6 month calibration guidelines, meaning they had to be returned for calibration twice a year. Now, this only needs to happen once a year.

Simply tell us you would like to upgrade from 6 months to 12 months and we will do the rest. Benefit from seamless prepaid calibration, software upgrades, cutting-edge service support and maximise the ‘up’ time of your instrument.

Key Features of the Yearly Breathalyser Calibration Plan

Priced at only $180 + GST, 12 month calibration is easy, cost effective and minimises operational impact.

Breathalyser Sales & Service endeavours to make the process hassle-free, with flexible calibration appointments, priority service status and dedicated customer support. To get on a yearly calibration plan, complete the UPGRADE section on the Calibration Form and return it with your device to your nearest service centre when your device is next due for calibration.

Unparalleled Expertise From Our Technicians

Established in 1986, the Breathalyser Sales & Service calibration technicians have extensive experience servicing and calibrating different kinds of breathalysers with regular training to ensure we’re across the latest technology and device features. Benefit from our rapid response times, competitive pricing and personalised service plans tailored to your specific requirements.

Accuracy is always important in law enforcement and industry-specific applications. In industries such as construction, manufacturing and transportation, safety is paramount, so reliable tests are key to reducing or eliminating hazards for workers and members of the public. The convenience of the yearly calibration upgrade streamlines your due diligence, ensuring safety and long term calibration coverage.

Use the Calibration Form when your workplace or personal device is due for calibration.

Please Note: It is not the responsibility of Breathalyser Sales & Service to manage calibration due dates on your behalf, nor does the company take any responsibility with regards to calibration due dates pertaining to any product purchased or hired. Our calibration certificates display a due date for ease of management, however, all due care should be taken by customers in checking the due date as displayed on the device.

Sign Up for Our Calibration Service in Australia

Discover the benefits of the yearly calibration upgrade from Breathalyser Sales & Service. Our dedicated team is here to help make managing your breathalysers easier with calibration services that offer greater convenience, cost savings, and peace of mind.

Sign up for the upgraded package today and experience the benefits firsthand. Find a service centre near you in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. Call us on 1300 999 200 or contact us online for more information or help getting started.