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Breathalyser Calibration and Servicing in New South Wales

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your breathalyser with an expert calibration service from Breathalyser Sales & Service. We are a leading provider of recalibration, servicing, and maintenance solutions for all types of breathalyser in Australia, catering to the increasing demand for accurate alcohol testing equipment across law enforcement, workplaces, commercial premises and personal use.

Our head office is based in New South Wales, with additional service centres across Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. As suppliers of breathalyser equipment since 1986, you can rely on our experienced team for calibration and servicing that ensures your testing equipment provides accurate readings and works in line with national standards.

Importance of Recalibrating

Calibrating your hand held and wall mounted breathalysers is essential for ensuring your device is functioning properly and provides reliable, consistent results. Inaccurate readings can cause unnecessary stress, undermine enforcement and even be dangerous when a device fails to pick up on intoxication.

A breathalyser reads alcohol content in your breath, working similarly to other gas detection instruments. Over time, the sensors in breathalysers can lose accuracy. This can occur at different rates depending on the model and technology used in the instrument. A standard guideline is to calibrate every 12 months, however, you can also refer to manufacturer recommendations or get specific advice from a calibration professional.


Our Calibration Service Offerings

At Breathalyser Sales & Service, we specialise in advanced recalibration techniques, specialised servicing and proactive maintenance plans tailored to meet evolving client needs. This includes predictive maintenance analytics and remote diagnostics to ensure pinpoint accuracy for clients, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Hand Held Breathalyser Calibration

We offer a same day hand held breathalyser calibration service on all models, except the Alcolizer range (conditions apply). We can even calibrate while you wait. Models we calibrate include:

  • Envitec AlcoQuant 6020
  • AlcoFind AF-33C/AFM-P3&5/DA-8000
  • Alcolizer HH1/HH2/LE/Easy Check (EC)
  • LifeLoc LifeGuard/FC10
  • Dräger 3820/5510/6510/6810/6820/4000/5820/6000
  • Lion SD-400/ SD-500
  • AlcoBlow HH3/HH4/Le5
  • Drivesafe

Wall Mounted Breathalyser Calibration

We also calibrate wall mounted AlcoMeasure and Alcolizer brands. Our service centres are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Regular on-site servicing is also provided to most metro areas in NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT and QLD. For more remote areas, workshop servicing is available. Arrange to send us your device and we’ll test and service it before sending it back.

Why Choose Us to Calibrate Your Breathalyser?

We are your trusted expert when you need to service and calibrate your breathalyser. Our decades of industry experience combined with cutting-edge technologies allows us to deliver superior results and ensure client satisfaction.

Whether you’re in law enforcement, workplace health and safety or operate a hospitality business, we ensure the servicing and calibration process is streamlined with ongoing, responsive customer support from the time you get in touch with us.

Schedule a Service for Your Breathalyser in Australia

Unlock unparalleled accuracy and performance with our advanced recalibration solutions. Schedule your service now! For reliable, cost-effective services, find your nearest Breathalyser Sales & Service team in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria or Western Australia. Call us on 1300 999 200 or contact us online.