Wall Mounted Breathalyser Service

Wall Mounted Breathalyser Servicing in New South Wales

Breathalyser Sales & Service provides expert wall breathalyser calibration, inspection, maintenance and servicing across Australia. This ensures your breathalyser device works reliably and provides consistent, accurate results, contributing to safer roads, workplaces and public spaces.

We offer on-site servicing throughout most metro areas in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. With nearly 40 years of experience servicing breathalysers, you can trust our experts to ensure your device functions in accordance with regulations and manufacturer guidelines.

When to Get a Wall Mount Breathalyser Service

A wall mounted breathalyser can be conveniently placed on the wall of any hallway or entryway without causing obstructions. Common in pubs and clubs as well as workplaces, they play an important role in improving public awareness around alcohol consumption and reducing the hazards of intoxication. Like other gas detection devices, the sensors in breathalysers can become less effective and/or reliable over time.

Arranging a wall mounted breathalyser inspection and servicing at least every 12 months ensures accurate readings to help you proactively manage the dangers of alcohol impairment on your premises. Intoxication can reduce productivity, dull senses and reflexes and increase the likelihood of accidents and injury. It is crucial that you manage these risks through regular servicing. This is particularly important in workplaces where there are serious safety implications.

Tailored Wall Mounted Breathalyser Inspection Services

Depending on the model, wall mounted breathalysers can come with a variety of features, such as:

  • Coin operated mechanism for public spaces
  • Camera
  • Thermal printer
  • Keypad
  • Internet connectivity for integrated data logging and live email results in workplace models

We provide a wall mount breathalyser service for all these models, inspecting and testing each unique feature to ensure they work exactly as they should.

How Does Wall Breathalyser Calibration Work?

Calibration works by using gas or liquid based ethanol to mimic alcohol on a person's breath. Our professionals then carry out other tests to ensure each component is functioning properly. This includes the battery, mouthpiece and gas and liquid levels.

Some models also include an automatic calibration system using an internal certified gas reference. We can inspect and service these models to check these systems are functioning effectively.

Challenges of Wall Breathalyser Maintenance and Servicing

Since these devices are usually permanently fixed to the wall, you need to find a service provider that can come to you and manage the technical complexities of the device. With a knowledgeable team and locations in most major cities, the team at Breathalyser Sales & Service are your ideal partner.

We travel to most metro areas and can also arrange workshop servicing for clients in remote areas. Our comprehensive services include preventative maintenance checks, sensor calibration and system diagnostics, all designed to ensure optimal performance and compliance with Australian standards.

Why Choose Us for Wall Breathalyser Maintenance?

Operating since 1986, Breathalyser Sales & Service is Australia’s oldest supplier and servicer of drug and alcohol breathalysers, personal breathalysers and wall mounted breathalysers. We also offer training on current techniques. The specialist knowledge of our technicians means you can rely on us to handle various models and configurations of wall-mounted breathalysers, while guaranteeing precise and efficient service delivery.

Tailored Wall Mounted Breathalyser Servicing in Australia

Ensure the reliability and accuracy of your wall-mounted breathalyser when you schedule your service with our experts. Find your nearest Breathalyser Sales & Service team in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland or Western Australia. Call us on 1300 999 200 or contact us online.