Hand Held Breathalyser Calibration

Hand-Held Breathalyser Calibration Services in Australia

Ensure the reliability and accuracy of your alcohol breathalysers with the expert hand-held breathalyser calibration services from Breathalyser Sales & Service Pty Ltd. We offer a comprehensive range of breathalyser products and services for workplaces, law enforcement and personal use. Our breathalyser calibration services are performed by our experienced team in line with national standards to make sure your products are giving you accurate readings.

What Is a Hand-Held Breathalyser?

A hand-held breathalyser is a small, portable device that can be stored in your pocket, handbag or on a belt-clip. It is a convenient means by which to test blood alcohol levels on the go and is often used by law enforcement officers. Breathalyser Sales & Service Pty Ltd offers a wide range of hand-held breathalysers for personal use, workplaces looking to create a safe and productive environment or law enforcement officials concerned with road safety.

Why Hand-Held Breathalysers Should Be Calibrated

Hand-held breathalyser calibration is crucial to ensure that your device is functioning effectively and is providing a reliable and accurate reading. Expert calibration services help ensure that all components of your hand-held alcohol breathalysers are well maintained and working properly, as a result, increasing the lifespan of your device. Regular calibration services will also make sure the sensor of your device is functioning optimally and providing accurate and consistent results. An uncalibrated hand-held breathalyser can increase the risk of inaccurate readings and could be potentially dangerous.

How to Calibrate Your Hand-Held Breathalyser

To calibrate your hand-held breathalyser, you will need to follow a few crucial steps. These include:

  • Test running your hand-held breathalyser against a known alcohol reference and recalibrating accordingly
  • Conducting performance tests to ensure all the components are in working order
  • Checking and maintaining individual parts such as the battery, gas and liquid levels, etc.
  • Thoroughly sanitising your device’s mouthpiece

Common Breathalyser Calibration Challenges

If you are not familiar with hand-held breathalyser calibration, you could face issues with device accuracy and compliance or even damage some components. For hassle-free and reliable calibration services, contact a breathalyser calibration expert such as the ones at Breathalyser Sales & Service Pty Ltd. We offer thorough and convenient ‘same day’ calibration services for a wide range of devices. All you have to do is send us your alcohol breathalyser and we’ll take care of the rest.

Please Note: It is not the responsibility of Breathalyser Sales & Service Pty Ltd to manage customer breathalyser calibration due dates, nor does the company not take any responsibility with regards to calibration due dates pertaining to any product purchased or hired by the customer. Our calibration certificates display a due date for ease of management by the customer, however all due care should be taken by the customer in checking the due date as displayed by the device.