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AlcoMeasure Wall Mount - STANDARD

AlcoMeasure WM - Standard. Aussie made for Aussie conditions. This brand new, technologically advanced, wall...

AlcoQuant 6020 plus - PASSIVE

3 year warranty - Active (blow) & Passive (talk) Test functions, Calibrate every 6 months, unlimited tests -...

Dräger Alcotest 3820 Personal

Personal Breathalyser - Certified to Australian Standard AS3547 accuracy.

Oral Fluid Drug Test - 7...

Our own Breathalyser brand 7 panel Oral Fluid (Saliva) Drug Test analyses saliva for the main...

Thu, February 6th 2020

"Thanks for being so prompt"

Jodie - Group HSE Systems Superintendent

Fri, August 23rd 2019

"That is great news. I also would like to say how pleased the Business Leaders are with the new installation...One of the very senior managers has provided excellent feedback to the Coal Business. So thank you for supporting us. Happy Friday."

Lynice - (from a national rail freight carrier)

Thu, August 15th 2019

"We really appreciate you replacing these units at such short notice. Hope you have a great day. Many thanks."

Karen Chapman - Quality Officer

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