Wall Mounted Breathalysers

Introducing Wall-Mounted Breathalysers in Australia

Wall-mounted breathalysers bring a new level of convenience and accessibility to alcohol testing. These devices are easily accessible, making them an essential addition to various establishments, from bars and clubs to workplaces and public venues in Australia. Breathalyser Sales & Service offers a range of high-quality wall-mounted breathalysers designed to cater to different needs.

Variety of Wall-Mounted Alcohol Breath Tester Models

Breathalyser Sales & Service's collection of wall-mounted breathalysers includes different models with unique features. Whether you're looking for a compact, basic breath tester machine or a sophisticated breathalyser machine with advanced functionalities, Breathalyser Sales & Service has something to suit your requirements.

Versatility and Benefits of Wall-Mounted Breathalysers

Wall-mounted breathalysers find applications in numerous settings. In entertainment venues such as bars, clubs and restaurants, these devices encourage patrons to monitor their alcohol consumption and make responsible decisions.

Workplaces, particularly those in safety-critical industries, can use wall-mounted alcohol breath testers to ensure an alcohol-free environment, promoting safety and productivity.

Advanced Technology: The Backbone of Breathalyser Products

Wall-mounted breathalysers from Breathalyser Sales & Service leverage advanced sensor technology for accurate readings. Fuel cell sensors, known for their precision and reliability, are at the heart of these devices. Breathalyser Sales & Service also incorporates calibration mechanisms, ensuring consistent performance and long-term accuracy.

Standout Features: Setting Breathalyser Apart

Several unique features set Breathalyser's wall-mounted breathalysers apart from competitors, making us a smart choice for businesses and public venues. One notable feature is the integrated data logging and LIVE emailed results, which allows establishments to keep track of test results over time.

This data can prove valuable for trend analysis, incident investigations or simply to understand the effectiveness of existing alcohol policies.

Installation, Maintenance and Calibration

We fully comprehend that potential customers might have questions about aspects such as installation, maintenance and calibration of our breathalysers. This is perfectly understandable, given that these are critical components of ensuring the reliability and accuracy of a breath tester machine.

At Breathalyser Sales & Service, our commitment to you extends far beyond the point of purchase. We provide comprehensive guidelines detailing each installation step, ensuring your device is set up correctly and ready for use.

Safer Drinking Culture with the Breathalyser Machine

A wall-mounted breathalyser is not just a tool but a commitment to safety and responsibility. This device plays a pivotal role in promoting a safer and more responsible drinking culture in various settings.

It serves as a constant reminder for individuals to monitor their alcohol levels and make informed, responsible choices, thus creating a safer environment for everyone involved.

Start Ensuring Safety

Start ensuring safety in your establishment with a wall-mounted breathalyser. Visit Breathalyser in Australia now to explore our product range and choose a device that best fits your needs.

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