Alcolizer LE / HH3 / HH4 Spigot Locator Tube (Spit-Trap Mouthpiece)

$42 (excl GST)
$46.20 (incl GST)
PC 800111

Alcolizer LE/HH3/HH4 Spigot Locator Tube in Australia

Order your Alcolizer LE/HH3/HH4 Spigot Locator Tubes (spit trap mouthpieces) from Breathalyser Sales & Service for fast delivery throughout Australia.

This pack includes 100 individually wrapped, hygienic spigot locator tubes (mouthpieces) for use with the Alcolizer HH3 / HH4 / LE 4.6, Alcolizer LE 5 Series handheld breathalysers. You can recycle each mouthpiece as part of your normal plastic recycling process.

$42.00 + GST for bag of 100($0.42c each).

Breathalyser Sales & Service is a leading supplier of alcohol testing equipment and workplace safety products in Australia. We guarantee high-quality products at competitive prices.

For more information about our range of alcohol testing equipment and workplace safety supplies, or if you have any questions about Alcolizer products in particular, contact our knowledgeable team today and we will be happy to guide you.

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  • 100% Australian made
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Individually Wrapped