Hot Cross Bun Breathalyser reading claim out to the test

Heather Jones produced a video that showed how one bite of a hot cross bun could get you in trouble with police. The video has been viewed almost four million times and attracted thousands of comments with some doubting the result.

“About 5000 people said it wasn’t true, I must have injected something into it and the rest of it, but I tell you what if you do it yourself you might blow numbers too,” Ms Jones said.

Perth company Breathalyser put the that claim to the test today and came up with similar results. Mark Ridley, of Breathalyser, explains why.

“Ingesting food which has started to ferment, the raisins and fruit inside the buns, what it’s doing is creating mouth alcohol,” Mr Ridley said.

Orange juice, mouth wash and breakfast drink UP&GO can have the same results. WA Police says its officers are trained to re-test people 20 minutes after a positive breath test and if all you have had is a hot cross bun the second test will register as zero.

But if you have been drinking, best not to take the risk.