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Dräger Alcotest 4000 Personal

Product Code: 900120

Only AU$385.00inc GST

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Personal Breathalyser - Certified to Australian Standard AS3547 accuracy.

The Dräger Alcotest® 4000 offers responsible drivers a reliable way to test their breath alcohol and gives them the assurance of being legal to drive. This is ensured by precise measurement technology identical to that used by the police: over 30 million breath alcohol tests a year.

  • Australian Standard AS3547 certified accuracy
  • Suitable for personal use only, not recommended for industrial/workplace use
  • Electrochemical fuel cell sensor
  • Accuracy better than +or- 10%
  • Accurate 4 digit decimal display
  • Range: 0.000 - 0.500% BrAC
  • Power save: auto shut off
  • Included: Internal battery replaced during calibration service, 3 mouthpieces, softpouch, user manual
  • Calibration recommended every 12 months (no shut out)
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Size approx. 50mm x 133mm x 29mm
  • Extra mouthpieces sold separately in packs of 5
  • Calibration @ $59.00 including GST & return shipping

Note: The breathalyser display shown in this video depicts a European setting. The Australian, three decimal %BrAC, setting will be preset before shipping to our customers. This video also depicts the Alcotest® 3820, not the Alcotest® 4000, however operation is identicle.

Dräger has been a world market leader and professional supplier of breathalcohol measuring devices for the police and industry for over 60 years. The measurement technology in the Alcotest® 4000 is identical with that in devices used for highly precise breath alcohol tests.

Consistent advances in technology over six decades have made the Alcotest 4000 incomparably fast and reliable today. As a private user or professional driver you can simply pre-empt unpleasant surprises if your breath alcohol concentration is checked.

  • Made in Germany

  • 12 month warranty

  • Australian Standard AS3547 Certified

  • Fast and Reliable

  • Same Day Calibration