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Wall Mounted Breathalyser Service

Alcolizer & AlcoMeasure Brands - Service & Calibration

City or Country - We've got you covered.

No expensive up-front service contracts - only pay for what you need!

Breathalyser Sales & Service Pty Ltd is Australia's oldest and most experienced wall mounted breathalyser service expert. With experience gained from over 20 years of on-site and factory service and repair, we are Australia's most trusted supplier.

We only charge for what parts are required at the time and do not force you into a dubious "up-front" service contract or "money up front" schemes that you may never end up utilising.

The WM Alcolizer & AlcoMeasure WM1 product will require a regular service regime to ensure that it operates as per AS3547. Regular servicing by our trained technicians gives the end user peace of mind that the device is operating as per AS3547.

  • Hire Option - Breathalyser Sales & Service Pty Ltd will cover all costs associated with servicing.
  • Purchase Option - If you chose to purchase a unit, ask our friendly staff which option can be offered (On-Site Service or Factory Service).
  • Purchase Service Options
    • On-Site Service - Monthly or Quarterly available in some locations.
    • Factory Service - Customer ships device to our factory where a full service is carried out. Recommended every 12-18 months and where our technicians are unable to get to a site.

NOTE: Service charges do not include parts, replacements or labour that may be required eg. gas refill, internal battery replacement etc

Service Includes: Changing a calibration gas bottle, resetting gas values, checking gas for leaks, testing the two solenoids (gas and sample system), testing the auto cal function, replacing internal batteries, replacing entire or parts of a sample system (if required), cleaning sample ports, manual calibration testing, replenish straws, other diagnostic testing to ensure operation as per AS3547.