DrugCheck Synthetic Cannabinoid Urine Test Cups

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*Cost per unit - $25.00 + GST (Minimum order qty is 1 box of 25 tests @ $625.00 + GST)

DrugCheck Synthetic Cannabinoid Urine Test Cups. Also includes tests for the 6 main illicit drugs (AMP, MET, THC, COC, BZO, OPI.)

Commonly known as Kronic, K2, Spice or Fake Weed, Synthetic Cannabis contains illicit chemical compounds that offer users similar effects to smoking marijuana.

Made in the USA, the DrugCheck K2-Spice Test:

  • Can detect more compounds than any other commercially available onsite test;
  • Is more sensative than any other test on the market, including many lab-based tests;
  • Is available aslo available as a Single Dip Test (click here).
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  • 25 Tests Included
  • Made in USA
  • Fast and Reliable