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Hello Corinne, You truly do need recognition on being an awesome employee, especially with customer service and attending to urgent requests. Please forward my email to your line supervisor so that they may make note of my appreciation.

Claire Ditchettt - Safety Administrator Tue, August 3rd 2021

I have to say that your oral test kits are some of the best I have used!!! We did use the @#$%^!&* (competitor) ones but I did receive some pinched fingers with those and they are difficult to read. I have found your kits very reliable, easy to use and results are pretty fast.

Julie McKay - Health & Safety Superintendent/Medic Fri, April 30th 2021

Hi Ben, Just a quick email to give feedback on the service I have received from yourself on behalf of Breathalyser. I have been dealing with you for almost 12mths and I would say you are the best supplier that I have to date. Your response times are excellent, quotes and information always speedy and your follow up and action is faultless. The turnaround time on calibrations is spot on and having the tracking information provided is very handy. Thank you for the great service and I wish all suppliers were as helpful and efficient as you. Feel fee to pass on this feedback and if anyone needs to contact me I’m more than happy for them to.

Inia Cooper - Procurement & Logistics

You guys have such a quick turn around and it is very much appreciated.

Tracy - Commercial Manager

Hi Mark, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your technical assistance in helping me purchase a breathalyser test kit for my company. I was really impressed with your knowledge and advice to help me pick the correct unit. I was even more impressed when you didn't mock me too much for returning the unit as faulty, which I have to say, I confessed to my workshop supervisor who has since awarded me the 'Tool of the Week' award! Thanks again and I will see you in six months for re-calibration.

David - Global Sales Director Wed, October 21st 2020

Thanks for your awesome service Peter!

Natalie - Site Registered Nurse Fri, May 15th 2020

Thanks Ben, we appreciate the support from all at Breathalyser Sales & Service. The help you all provide is greatly appreciated, especially at this time.

Lynice - Senior Advisor Health and Rehabilitation, SHE Corporate

Thanks for being so prompt

Jodie - Group HSE Systems Superintendent Thu, February 6th 2020

That is great news. I also would like to say how pleased the Business Leaders are with the new installation...One of the very senior managers has provided excellent feedback to the Coal Business. So thank you for supporting us. Happy Friday.

Lynice - (from a national rail freight carrier) Fri, August 23rd 2019

We really appreciate you replacing these units at such short notice. Hope you have a great day. Many thanks.

Karen Chapman - Quality Officer Thu, August 15th 2019

Well done. I've always received fantastic service from your team Ben, and the products have never let me down. Best wishes for the new office.

Nick King - Compliance Manager Thu, August 8th 2019

Thanks for the quick response . Much appreciated.

Mark Keddie - Safety Coordinator Tue, February 26th 2019

We appreciate the support from Breathalyser. You guys have been great and always responsive and efficient.

Mal - Managing Director

Received and noted with many thanks Ben. Huge thanks to Peter for his effort over recent weeks. Very much appreciated.

Katrina - Local Government in Sydney

Hi Ben, thank you so much for your quick response. You are AWESOME. Many thanks for your assistance. Have a great afternoon.

Debra Whalley - NSW Health Thu, November 1st 2018

Hi all, firstly thank you for your professional service. Look forward to seeing the products.

Harrison McMahon - Managing Director Tue, October 9th 2018

That's great, thank you for the quick action!

Darren Lee - Managing Director Wed, October 10th 2018

As usual mate, your service is second to none. Thanks.

Frank M. | HSEQ Manager

Hi Ben, I would like to thank you (and Peter and Peter) for your service over the years. We have always been very impressed with how quickly you have responded to any requests we have had. Your company has always been very professional and it has been a pleasure to do business with you.

(Name withheld) - NSW Government

Thank you for your promptness with previous breathalyser calibration. It arrived well before the next one needed calibration.

Chris Butcher Mon, April 23rd 2018

Good morning, just a quick note to say thank you for calibrating our breathalysers & returning them so quickly.

Loloma Dwyer - Acting Nursing Team Coordinator Mon, January 15th 2018

Thank you Taylor, service has been wonderful!

Lucy Cooke - Project Manager Mon, October 30th 2017

Hi Peter, thanks for being so accommodating today, was much appreciated.

Emily Mather - Worker Co-ordinator Wed, September 20th 2017

Dear Ben, I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for your approach to dealing with my broken breathalyser. It really stood out for me that you dealt with the issue proactively and chose not to "bum" me, which you could easily have decided to do. The promptness of getting a new unit in the mail and your approach has definitely made me an advocate for your business. Thanks again.

Tim Slattery - Director Wed, August 2nd 2017

Seems very good, so very happy with the purchase.

Chris Liddle Fri, July 14th 2017

The AlcoQuant 6020 is working brilliantly. Please thank your team for the prompt service and excellent product! We will no doubt be using your company for any future purchases / service.

Sylvia Weisseneder - Village Manager Wed, May 10th 2017

Oh wow, this is great service, thanks again Ben. Very much appreciated.

Brendan - Purchasing Officer Mon, May 8th 2017

I am most pleased with all aspects of my purchase.

Rod Toomey - Director Thu, March 30th 2017

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. The product is quite satisfactory, and the service was quick and efficient.

John Deegan Thu, February 23rd 2017

I have to say that I have found dealing with Breathalyser Sales & Service excellent. From prompt service in returning the calibrated breathalysers, to dispatching our order for a new one promptly, great customer service from your staff on the phone, prompt and efficient organising of requested online training etc. The service has always been friendly, polite & efficient and it would be nice if more companies were like this. I offer my customers (mainly internal) a high level of service and it is a breath of fresh air when a supplier and training provider do such a great job. All I can say is keep doing what you’re doing. Please pass these comments onto management.

Annette Smolej - Training & Compliance Coordinator Fri, February 10th 2017

All good thanks. Better than all the cheap inaccurate junk on internet sales.

Simon Katz Fri, February 10th 2017

All I can say is that I found the service from Breathalyser sales has been fantastic, nothing was an issue from my first point of contact for the machine, through to additional tubes etc. A team that you should be proud off. Cheers.

Gilbert Cook - Managing Director Wed, February 1st 2017

A few months ago you brought to my attention an AlcoQuant for sale on EBay. Sequence of events since: 1. Customer notified 2. Retailer approached with a copy of original BSS sales invoice 3. Goods recovered by Police 4. Goods returned to Customer 5. Offender (meth head) apprehended and charged 6. Magistrate is preparing the wet lettuce to slap the offender over the wrist 7. Customer is very happy with BSS quick action and notifying him 8. Customer expresses his thanks to all at BSS who assisted him to get his stolen goods back.

Wishes to remain anon. Mon, October 24th 2016

Taylor, just wanted to say thank you for your excellent customer service I have informed my National HSE manager on the service I received from yourself & Peter.

Rob Alvin - Regional HSE Coordinator Vic/Tas/Regional NSW Thu, August 4th 2016

We have just received those two machine back on site. You sir are a legend, thank you for all your assistance this week getting our breathalysers ready for the additional workload we have in the coming weeks.

Julia Garland - Base Administrator Fri, July 1st 2016

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank both you and the rest of the BSS gang for all their work over the years I have been managing this project. Your dedication and attitude to the tasks associated with the servicing of the machines has been simply outstanding. Nothing was ever too much trouble and your advice on where machines could be installed was always valued. Please pass on my thanks and regards to the rest of your team.

Jenny - Roads & Maritime Services NSW Wed, June 29th 2016

Just wanted to say thank you for the great service that you always give us! We really appreciate it! Thank you.

Emma Pearce - Operations Business Officer Wed, February 24th 2016

Everything was perfect thank you very much!

Joel Perik | Safety Administrator Fri, February 12th 2016

Ben, I want to thank you for everything that you did when I visited your Office yesterday...it was totally unexpected but very much appreciated.

Warwick Goninan Tue, December 8th 2015

Thanks - the reason I chose to buy thru u guys (another vendor offered free postage) was the excellent, not sales push, advice I received from Peter.

Johann Tue, November 10th 2015

I found the service to be very prompt and the communication is excellent.

Pauline Edwards Mon, November 2nd 2015

Thank you, again, for your excellent service! We sent a Drager 6510 for calibration yesterday and received it back early this morning. Brilliant service!

Ray Lane - HSEQ Manager Tue, October 6th 2015

Just wanted to say thank you for the speed of delivery. I ordered last Wednesday and they were here in Bathurst on Thursday morning. Excellent service.

Sally Russell - HR Coordinator Fri, October 2nd 2015

I want to thank you for your time and assistance given to me over the years. It has been a pleasure and I wish you both the very best for the future.

Beth Viertel - HSET Superintendent Thu, July 9th 2015

The equipment works perfectly and is easy to use, and your staff were exemplary, cheers.

STEVE BROOMHAM - Outage Manager | Outages and Projects Fri, May 22nd 2015

Just to say thanks for doing the calibration on our units. I got the last one back today. Very pleased with the quick service and return. Hopefully you will get your payment soon.

Kim Wilson - HSEQ Administrator Thu, May 21st 2015

Good afternoon. Thank you for the prompt service. We have one very happy customer. Many thanks.

Mary Bunce - QLD Thu, May 14th 2015

I called your offices to ask about postage after ordering online. The staff member was professional, was able to acknowledge my order and advise on progress. Excellent communication and i have since provided specific model details to 3 friends who are looking to purchase as a result of swing the product. All the best in your business.

Gavin Thu, May 14th 2015

Hi Ben and Co, Thanks for the amazingly quick turn-around for my AlcoQuant 6020 calibration! Sent it off Tuesday arvo and got it back today (Thursday)! Bloody brilliant service! Cheers

Mel Collins - Port Hedland Thu, April 16th 2015

To the Manager, Please pass on to your staff our appreciation for the fast, professional and inexpensive service provided by your company. I would particularly like you to pass on my thanks for the excellent service we receive. On Wednesday 8 April I dispatched three hand-held breathalyser units for calibration. I received them back first thing this morning (invoice B19701 refers). This level of service is a credit to your company. It was also why another of your customers recommended Breathalyser Sales & Service Pty Ltd as an alternative to our previous calibration service provider. Thank you, again, and best wishes.

Ray Lane - HSEQ Manager Fri, April 10th 2015

Very happy with the help I received and the product.

Michael Galea Fri, February 27th 2015

Thank you very much. Its always a pleasure doing business with you. So easy and straight forward.

Carly - Senior WHSE Advisor Fri, December 5th 2014

I forgot to mention, You give great customer service!!!!!

Lyle - Logitel Wed, August 27th 2014

We received the breathalyser very quickly and it has been great. Thank you.

Chrysten Fitzclarence - Accounts Administrator Wed, May 28th 2014

It’s awesome! Works great. Thanks.

Darren Lee Mon, May 12th 2014

We appreciate you rapid response and support smile

Mark Carey - General Manager Wed, May 7th 2014

Good overall service and very prompt delivery. Cheers.

Shane Lewis Thu, February 13th 2014

I’d like to thank you for kindly helping us yesterday. Through the loan of your AlcoQuant unit we were able to successfully conduct our blanket alcohol testing and report back to our client within the required time frame. Without your help we would have been left in a bad spot and facing more scrutiny that would distract us from our work. We found the AlcoQuant unit to be easy to use and I’m sure it would also be effective for our site operations in the future. I’d personally like to thank you for bending over backwards to help out at such short notice. You demonstrated a level of customer service that I feel we should consider closely when we next review our service contract with our current supplier. I have this morning relayed yesterday’s story and my thoughts and recommendations to our Corporate HSE Manager, who also now has your contact and company details.

(Name witheld), HSE Manager Thu, February 6th 2014

No issues with anything from Breathalyser – easy to order & everything comes quickly – very efficient.

Lynnie Lambell Tue, January 14th 2014

Thank you so much for your work this year. BSS is a pleasure to work with and I wish the whole team the very best for the festive season and 2014.

Jenny Short - Roads & Maritime Services Fri, December 20th 2013

Hi there, I just wanted to say how impressed I am at the service you have provided me this week. I had sent our breathalyser to you on Tuesday (from Qld) with a request to have it back by Xmas eve and the courier delivered it back to me this morning. This is fantastic! Thank you very much. Have a Merry Christmas.

Stella Gordon Thu, December 19th 2013

Machine has arrived here, so this is just a note of appreciation for your fast, efficient and courteous service.

Tim Landsberg Wed, November 6th 2013

We enjoy using your breathalyser it is so user friendly.

Darelle Williams Mon, November 4th 2013

We received the breathalyser very quickly. Thanks for being so prompt.

Erin Griffiths, Health and Safety Coordinator Mon, November 4th 2013

Thank you for your prompt service. Have a fantastic Monday!

Belinda Twomey - Attorney Generals Department Mon, September 30th 2013

Thank you. Your customer service and communication has been great.

Courtney Hargrave - Senior Injury Prevention, Management & Health Consultant Mon, September 30th 2013

Thanks! Great service. I'll let you know what and who they catch ha ha!

Ronan Harvey, Vanuatu Tue, September 10th 2013

Thank you for consistently good service and quality products!

Scott Fenech Thu, September 5th 2013

Thank you for your assistance and support in keeping all our breatho units up to the required standards. Cheers

Jon Caputo, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager Wed, August 28th 2013

The level of customer service was fantastic, thanks.

Chris McRae, Tenix. Fri, August 16th 2013

Thank you for your courteous and efficient service. The breathalysers are working perfectly.

Jill Madder, Area Administrator - Upstream Operations Tue, August 13th 2013

Thank you so much for letting us borrow your breathalyser. Thanks for your great customer support!

Kerrie Armstrong Tue, August 6th 2013

I was actually at the a conference the other month when I met some of your team and found out about this product. They have been very helpful and we are very pleased with the product. Thank you.

Liz Davy-Hou, PA to CEO / Chairman Fri, July 12th 2013

Hi Ben, Just received our breathalyser back. Thank for you replacing the damaged box, really appreciate that. Noticed the comment on the invoice to say it was damaged on arrival. Thanks for the speedy turn around also, you guys are amazing!

Lisa Wrobel Thu, June 6th 2013

We are very pleased with our purchase. More importantly, we were very impressed with the ease of the purchase process and the quickness of the subsequent delivery.Warmest regards.

Stéfan van Vuuren, Operations Manager Fri, March 16th 2012

Very satisfied with the device. So superior to those silly toys they used to sell 20 years ago.

Dr Wilbur Hughes Mon, December 10th 2012

Hi Sarah, I was more then satisfied with the service - and the product has been fantastic! Thanks for everything - will be in touch when it's due for a recalibration. Cheers.

Josh, Bulli Creek Tue, January 15th 2013

Great news, after a visit again by our admin person they managed to find the elusive parcel, I again would like to thank you for you effort in tracking down our wayward parcel. I hope your company is fully aware of your dedication and commitment to client satisfaction! Well done. (Please feel free to pass this on).

Peter Lambert, Site Safety Manager Wed, August 8th 2012

Sarah, Just to let you know ‘the unit’ has arrived. Excellent service. Thank you.

Lee, Gunnedah Wed, March 13th 2013

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your service department. I sent a breathalyser for calibration, which left our office on the 12/02, I put a note in with it asking for it to be complete asap, as I required it back for my client for an event. I today received this breathalyser back on the 14/02. Including travel time, this only took two days. Can you please pass on my appreciation and thanks to your service department for their great work, and prompt attention. All too often we only hear back from clients when there is a problem, so I wanted to give you some positive feedback. Thanks again for all your help. Have a nice afternoon.

Lisa Wrobel Thu, February 14th 2013

You guys work so fast, I only sent them on Friday afternoon and they are already coming back to me. Thanks very much, have fun.

Nick Troup, Purchasing Officer Mon, February 25th 2013