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Saliva Test

Saliva tests for drug use are now reliable, affordable and very easy to use. Using a saliva test kit offers different advantages and drawbacks as well as different practical considerations than using a urine, hair or blood test; here's what you should know about saliva drug testing.

Why Use a Saliva Test?:

Practical advantages: Saliva tests can be administered in workplaces without bathroom facilities, and the results can be read very quickly.
HRM advantages: Saliva tests are much less objectionable than either urine or blood tests. Urine tests are far more prone to invasion of privacy complaints, while blood tests are painful and debilitating for short periods.

Accuracy advantages: Saliva drug testing kits can detect far lower levels of metabolites from drug use than urine tests. Additionally, because direct observation of a saliva test is possible, there is no opportunity for sample tampering or swapping.

Scientific studies have shown that saliva tests generally create more accurate results for methamphetamines and opiates (both prescription and illegal).
Saliva tests generally reveal drug use within the past days, rather than the past weeks. It can be argued that drug use (which could legitimately come from prescription drugs) up to 7 days before the test is immaterial to whether a person can perform their job's duties, and the recentness of a saliva test's results remove this objection.