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Urine Drug Test

Urine drug tests are cheap, easy to administer/read and widely accepted. There are many reasons that urine drug tests have become the favoured test type in workplaces, law enforcement and even home testing.

Why Use a Urine Drug Test?

Urine drug tests are affordable, easy to administer, and with new technology, almost impossible to tamper with. They offer advantages in several categories:

Practical advantages
Urine drug tests are the most affordable type of drug test - in a company with many employees, affordability of the program is critical to ensuring its longevity ... and the safety and reputation of your business.

HRM advantages
Urine testing is more widely accepted than blood testing.

Accuracy advantages
Current urine drug tests use a built-in temperature checking facility to ensure that the sample hasn’t been poured from a cup. However, it is a best practice to undertake some random laboratory testing of samples to ensure that no masking agents have been used.

Some scientific analysis shows that urine drug testing will pick up cannabinoids more reliably than saliva tests. Our urine drug testing kits have higher detection levels, resulting in fewer false positives and a lower risk of dispute over the time since a drug was taken (and therefore an employee's fitness to work).