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Small Business Combo Kit

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AlcoMeasure Wall Mount - LIVE

AlcoMeasure WM - Live Results emailed or SMS automatically direct from the breathalyser! Aussie made for Aussie conditions. This brand new, technologically advanced, wall mounted product offers the unique capability to identify the user e.g. via keypad, iButton (pictured above), swipe or proximity card, and then electronically monitor and auto transmit breath test results via email. Cellular and wi-fi capabilities are also available.

AlcoQuant 6020 plus - DATAMANAGER

3 year warranty - Active (blow) & Passive (talk) Tests, Stores data and is downloadable to PC,Calibrate every 6 months, unlimited tests - Accuracy Certified AS3547 - Made in Germany by Honeywell - Mouthpieces $9.50+GST/25 units - perfect workplace breathalyser

AlcoQuant OnLine Training

On-Line Training Course for AlcoQuant 6020 - Official Breathalyser Sales & Service Certificate of Competency issued on completion.

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Thu, July 9th 2015

Hear directly from satisfied clients why Breathalyser Sales & Service is Australia's leading supplier: "I want to thank you for your time and assistance given to me over the years. It has been a pleasure and I wish you all the very best for the future:"... Read more »

Positive Drug Tests Among Workers on the Rise

Mon, June 29th 2015

In a reversal of a decades long trend, the Wall Street Journal reports that there has been an increase in the number of workers testing positive for illicit drugs in the USA over the past two years.... Read more »

How Drink Driving Affects Your Abilities

Tue, June 23rd 2015

Drink driving is an affliction that continues to affect millions of people across the globe. Despite the government's efforts and rising awareness, people continue to suffer at the hands of careless folks with no regard for the safety of others. ... Read more »

Our Commitment to the Environment

Breathalyser Sales & Service Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring safe and healthy environment; not just for now, but for the future. Profits from the sale of our products are invested in the following programs. Read more »

Products All breathalyser products sold are 80% recyclable.

Packaging We currently recycle 90% of all packaging.